• What’s the difference between US domestic and International warehouses?


All orders placed in the US domestic section will be shipped from within the US to any US state. It guarantees fast delivery without customs involvement. Prices are higher in this section, which allows us to maintain our US warehouse. Orders placed in the International section will be shipped from our multiple warehouses in Europe or Asia, to almost any country in the world (including the US).


  • How do I choose a warehouse?


By default, the website will open on the US Domestic section. You can switch between sections on top of the right menu, or just use the links below:


mysportpharma.com – domestic

int.mysportpharma.com – international


Please be careful when choosing a warehouse!


  • Why should I choose your store?


We buy our products directly from the manufacturers, which guarantee both high quality and affordable prices. We provide informational support and loyalty discounts.


  • How can I place an order?


Orders may only be placed through our website. We do not accept orders via: email, contact form, social media etc. If someone is trying to persuade you to order anywhere other than our website, it’s a scam.


  • Do you have a minimum order?


Depending on the payment method you choose, there may or may not be a minimum order. We do not have a minimum order for payment via Paysend, Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. For payments through PayPal via Xoom, MoneyGram or Ria the minimum order is $300.


  • Which payment options are available?


We currently accept the following options:

–  Paysend is the easiest payment method that does not have minimum order amount. You can pay with Mastercard or Visa debit card

–  RIA money transfer

–  MoneyGram money transfer

  PayPal via Xoom money transfer

–  Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash are the preferred payment methods for both parties. By paying through Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, you’re getting a 5% discount and you don’t have to go to a branch of RIA or MoneyGram.

Please note: all payments through Ria or MoneyGram should be paid by cash at their branches. Almost 100% of all internet transactions get blocked and will be returned to you by RIA and MoneyGram.


  • How can I confirm the payment?


Once you have made a payment through any method, you need to submit the required payment information. You can do it via email or send the information through our contact form. If you fail to do so, we won’t be able to pick up your money for Ria and MoneyGram orders. Additionally, we won’t know for sure that you have paid through other payment methods because some orders can have the same total, therefore orders will not be shipped until your payment information is submitted.


  • How much time does delivery take?


–  For the US Domestic section: delivery time is 4-7 business days after payment received and confirmed

–  For the International section: delivery time is up to 21 business days after payment received and confirmed


In rare cases, delivery can take longer due to circumstances beyond our control, such as: weather, holidays, post office efficiency, your location etc. We have a flat delivery fee of $20.


  • When do I get my tracking number?


For the US domestic orders, a tracking number will be provided within 1-2 business days after the order is shipped. For international orders, tracking will be provided within 5-7 days after the order is shipped.


  • Why don’t you answer my questions?


We do answer all letters submitted via our contact form, except obvious spam and trash. If you submitted a question and did not receive an answer within 24 hours, you should check your spam folder, and ensure that you correctly filled in your email address on our contact form.


  • Do you share my personal information with anyone?


We never share any of your information with anyone, except delivery services. We guarantee privacy and discreet shipping. We protect our website and service with the most recent technology against hacker attacks.


  • My order was seized/lost. Will you reship it?


For the US domestic orders, the package can be only lost. We will reship it to you, if the order is lost. This will only be free of charge, if the tracking number confirms that your order was not delivered to you.


For international orders, the package can be lost or seized by customs. In case of loss or seizure, the order will be shipped a second time free of charge. If your reshipped order is also seized, we shall not be liable for any losses from your side.


Please be patient while waiting for reshipment.


  • What if I received my order with missing or damaged items?


We strongly recommend filming the unpacking process in case of such issues. Without that video, damage complaints will not be considered and missing items complaints will be considered based on our inventory analysis. With the footage (proof) of damaged or missing items, they will be reshipped immediately free of charge.


  • Do you have discounts?


We do have a discount system:


–  For Bitcoin & Bitcoin cash a 5% discount will be automatically applied when you choose your payment method.

–  Discount for big orders: over $500 – a 5% discount will be automatically applied, orders over $1000 – a 10% discount will be automatically applied.

–  Unique discount codes can be provided for reviews, referrals, and repeat customers.


  • What would happen if I made a mistake in the address?


The order will be shipped to the wrong (not existing) address. And, even if the order will be returned to the original post office, we won’t be able to pick it up. The order won’t be reshipped free of charge in this case, according to our terms and conditions. Please double check all submitted information, especially delivery address.