EUROTROPIN, Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

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4 reviews for EUROTROPIN, Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

  1. Viking

    I was really skeptical of buying a rather expensive product from an online store, but as one of my close friends recommended mysportpharma so highly, and after having spoken to their friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff, I decided to take the risk. Wow, I couldn’t be happier. My Somatoged HGH not only arrived in a special temperature resistant packaging in perfect condition, but is an extremely high quality product. I can now say I have yet another friend I really trust, thank you

  2. braza69

    Started my summer cycle Testosterone Propionate ZPCH 100mg x3 EW, Trenbolone Enanthate ZPCH 200mg x2 EW, plus 5 iu Somatoged (HGH). The Test & Tren are oil base and smooth. Really no pip, which I have read is common with injectable Tren. I pin Test & Tren together twice a week and even with that amount of substance injections are painless.

  3. HappyPhil

    I’m reviewing Testosterone Mix from ZPHC and HGH from EPF which I’ve been using for 12 weeks.

    Ordering process and communication was smooth and simple. MySportPharma accepts various payment methods including I never heard about it before, but the platform is great and easy to use, I even started to use it for sending money to my parents in the Philippines.

    The order was delivered quickly in a discreet and well packed box. They used a special box that kept the cool temperature inside to keep Human Growth Hormone from overheating. I got the tracking number the next day after payment. No signature was needed upon delivery.

    My personal trainer advised me to use only Testosterone and HGH because those two substances are natural. I’m very happy with the results that I achieved for 12 weeks using Testosterone Mix from ZPHC and HGH from EPF. I lost 8 pounds of fat, my body looks more muscular, defined, and vascular.

    A friend recommended me buying from MySportPharma and I’m happy about that. I also recommend this source.

  4. DNA44

    Fourth time using MySportPharma and I have to say there’s no reason to use anyone else. Great selection, fast shipping, and excellent quality products with good communication.
    My questions always got answered within a few hours. Packages were always arriving a few days after ordering.
    Items in last order: Pronabol Lyka, Testosterone Enanthate ZPHC, Human Growth Hormone EPF, Anastrozol Balkan, Tamoximed Balkan.
    Excellent quality steroids. Vacuum sealed vials and boxes with blisters all have verification codes. Been using products only for 3 weeks, achieve great muscle growth and significant strength increase. Can’t recommend this place enough!

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